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Reference projects

The following real estate services regarding some projects and transactions of references in total Europe and in Austria and CEE-Countries, consutling for real estate transactions in Latin-America have been provided from 2015 up to 2018 to national and international private persons and enterprises by Dr. Peter Wagner:

Real estate services and transactions of references in total Europe and in Austria and CEE-Countries from 2005 up to 2015

  • Evaluation of a complex hotel-project, appraisal of the plot of the land and the old building of the hotel in the „provincia“ Málaga, Andalucía, Spain (based on the international income, dicounted cash flow method) in cooperacio with a real estate expert of the Group UNICREDIT Banco Spain. (real estate valuation report in english and the executive summary in spanish).
  • General technical, legal and market Due Diligence analysis and valuation of multi-family-residencial building in Brescia, Italy regarding the restructering of the biulding (extension of apartements) (reports in english and the executive summary in italian).
  • Due Diligence-Activities (technical, legal, real estate business administration and market) and valuations and apraisals respectively of various apartments and penthouses in Germany, Spain, southern France (in cooperation with local real estate experts) and in Austria. Detailled due diligence reports and reports of the estimation, calculation an determination of the open market value and market value of the real estate, of the property based on the depreciated replacement cost and contractor´s value method, on the investment and rental income method for the market value of the building and on the residual value method and comparative value method for the market vaue of the land. The complex valuations were done regarding 2 large buildings in Viena with retail, office and residencial spaces.
  • Estamations and valuations reports as of market values in connection with Multi-Family-Houses and Penthouses (also reports in english and french).
  • Real Estate Valuations for retail buisnesses and private persons regarding market conform rents per m2 per month.
  • Consulting services for real estate project developer (mixed used property, residencial property etc).
  • Consultancy regarding selling and purchasing of properties in Austria and in EU-Countries.
  • Legal and tax advice in context with asset and share deals regarding real estate transactions.
    and other projects
  • Real estate appraisal report for the purchase (share and asset deals) of 5 large multi-pupose buildings in Vienna
  • Senior coordinator of evaluations, developments, financing and monitoring of large complex multi purpose inner-city buildings (shopping, office, gastronomie, leisure and residencial centers) in Prag, Bratislava and Budapest
  • In cooperation with Spanish, Italian and French real estate experts several appraisals and valuations of villas, bungalows, complex business buildings, hotels in Italy, Spain, Southern France
  • Cosulting and/or coordination of real estate project developments in Central-East Europe and in South Europe
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